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Water Filter Fabric Membrane Expanded PTFE Film

*Pore size: 0.1um,0.22um,0.45um,1um,3um,5um

*High porosity

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Agrochemical Vent Liners


Our factory main manufacture ePTFE material products like ePTFE Air Filtration Membrane or Liquid Filter Membrane, Clothing Textile Film, ePTFE Tubing, ePTFE Gasket, ePTFE Sheet , Submerged Membrane Module, Primary Brine Refining Membrane, Oxygen Sensor Membrane and so on.


FCSF ® microporous membrane pore size can be controlled between 0.2 ~ 15μm, the thickness of 8um ~ 1mm, a porosity of 80 to 99%. Film has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, high temperature (-195 ℃ ~ +280 ℃), the surface is smooth, strong hydrophobicity, after special treatment, can form super-hydrophobic and oleophobic, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and other functional characteristics. 

FCSF ® microporous membranes are mainly atmospheric dust, microporous membranes used for indoor air purification.

FCSF TM JL201 Dusting-removing membrane filtration material

FCSF TM JL201 dust-removing membrane filtration material is a new material with "surface filtration" function, high dust collection rate, and low operation pressure. Through a particular laminating technique, a series of membrance filtration materials may be produced by placing PTFE millipore filtration membrane on textile or non-textile base material with various operating temperature, different chemical resistances and antistatic properties, and different mechanical performances, and then may be made into various types of filtration bag, filtration cartridge, and filtration element, allowing filtration products to swift form deep-bed filtration to surface filtration. 

Advantages of FCSF TM JL201 Dusting-removing membrane filtration material: 
It may realize approximately zero exhaustiion, with high filtration efficiency, and dust collection efficiency 99.99%. 
Low equipment running resistance, small pressure loss, and excellent dust separation performance
Low running energy consumption, and low mantenance load and spare parts cost. 
Long service life of the filtration bag. 

Application Fields: 
*Minerals: Dust treatment and collection of fire-proof materials such as cement, plaster, calcareousness , glass, carbon black, and asbestos, etc. 
*Chemicals: All kinds of acids and alkali powder, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, pigments, and pesticides, etc. 
*Metallurgics: Dust filtration of metal smelting, as well as of burning furnace and coal-burning boiler with high temperature soot. 
*Foods: Particles collection of flour and starch, including food additives. 

PE Needle Felt with ePTFE Membrane
HEPA Filter Media ePTFE Membrane for Filter

Functional Clothing


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